Law Office of Melanie Murray Mfume, LLC -

Office Policies
We encourage all clients to communicate with our office by phone, email or text.  Please note that email and text are always the most immediate way to reach the attorney. We check voice messages at the end of the business day, and will return all calls within 24-48 hours.
Please note that all phone meetings requested by either the attorney or the client must be scheduled in advance of the call.  We strive to make client communications a top priority, therefore we need to be able to schedule that time on the attorney's calender to ensure that she is available for that client.
Our time, just as yours, is precious! We will make every effort to start appointments on time, so we ask that you be on time as well.  We understand that situations arise that are beyond your control, but we ask that you please notify us as quicky as possible if you are going to be late or need to reschedule your appointment.  We are always available by phone, email or text.
If you are a "no show" for a scheduled appointment (i.e. you do not notify us in advance that you will not make your appointment), you will be billed at our normal hourly rate for the appointment time.
Please do not show up at our office without an appointment. All in-person meetings must be scheduled.
Feel free to leave documents with the receptionist at anytime.  Be sure to write our name clearly on whatever items you leave with the receptionist.