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Domestic Violence Resources
Safety tips: Before, During, and After a Protective Order HearingPreventing your abuser from monitoring your internet/phone activity  (from the Women's Law Center of Maryland website)
Protect your communication and location
An abuser can use technology to monitor your telephone and online communication and to track your physical location. If you're concerned for your safety, seek help.
To maintain your privacy:
  • Use phones cautiously. Your abuser might intercept calls and listen to your conversations. He or she might use caller ID, check your cellphone or search your phone billing records to see your complete call and texting history.
  • Use your home computer cautiously. Your abuser might use spyware to monitor your emails and the websites you visit. It is safest to use a computer at work, at the library or at a friend's house to seek help.
  • Remove GPS devices from your vehicle. Your abuser might use a GPS device to pinpoint your location.
  • Frequently change your email password. Choose a password that would be impossible for your abuser to guess.
  • Clear your viewing history. Follow your browser's instructions to clear any record of websites or graphics you've viewed.
Create a safety plan
 Leaving an abuser can be dangerous. Consider taking these precautions:
  • Call a domestic violence hotline for advice. Make the call at a safe time — when the abuser isn't around — or from a friend's house or other safe location.
  • Pack an emergency bag that includes items you'll need when you leave, such as extra clothes and keys. Leave the bag in a safe place. Keep important personal papers, money and prescription medications handy so that you can take them with you on short notice.
  • Know exactly where you'll go and how you'll get there.
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline - 800-799-SAFE
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline - TTY 800-787-3224
  • Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence Hotline - 800-634-3577 (24 hour hotline)
  • Maryland House of Ruth - 888-800-7844 (24 hr hotline)
  • Women's Law Center Family Law Hotline - 800-845-8550
  • District of Columbia Domestic Violence Hotline - 202-333-STOP
  • District of Columbia Crisis Hotline - 202-561-7000
  • District of Columbia House of Ruth - 202-667-7001   (24 hour hotline and shelter)
  • District of Columbia Rape Crisis Center Hotline - 202-333-7273
  • District of Columbia Safe Place - 202-547-7777 (24 hour teen hotline/counseling)
  • District of Columbia Suicide Hotline - 202-223-2255
  • District of Columbia Battered Lesbian Hotline - 800-224-0211
  • Please visit Maryland's Secretary of State website for a list of free domestic violence resources by county.
  • Please visit Maryland's Courts website for a list of pleadings, forms, organizations that provide free legal help and safety tips.
District of Columbia
  • Please visit My Sister's Place website for a list of free domestic violence resources including hotlines, shelters and legal assistance.
  • Please visit District of Columbia's government website for a lit of free resources and hotlines.